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Quick and Easy Shrimp Bowl

A delicious high protein shrimp bowl recipe that is full of flavor, filling, and served with your favorite rice. Boost your nutrition and keep yourself healthy with this high-protein shrimp bowl.

Food bowls or as I call them, protein bowls are easy to put together and much better made at home instead of takeout. Healthy, perfect for lunch or dinner, and great for meal prep. One of my favorite quick and easy dinners is this healthy shrimp bowl with spicy sriracha. It is very filling and everyone in the family loves it.

I have always loved protein bowls. In a bowl, you can mix and match different ingredients to create whatever flavor you desire! These flavorful and healthy recipes can be inspired by the flavors of many cultures, to include; Mexican, Mediterranean, Asian, American or my personal favorite... breakfast! If you have been following me for any time, you will know that I already have a few bowls on my site. Please make sure you check out my Salmon Bowl and my Tex-Mex Breakfast Bowl.

What ingredients do you need for the healthy shrimp bowl?

This recipe only needs a handful of ingredients but feel free to bring your own creativity!

  • Shrimp

  • Avocado

  • Rice (whichever you prefer)

  • Sriracha Mayo

  • Scallions

  • Sesame Seeds

In the Lemon Kitchen, I try keep it simple. My goal is for all my readers to have the ability to make these recipes without having to spend hours on them.

What other ingredients can you add?

The possibilities and flavor profiles can be endless. Do you love Asian food? Then do a Teriyaki shrimp recipe bowl! And don't forget to add more flavors with your sides, such as; edamame, seasoned corn, roasted veggies or even pickled onions. Each combination can bring a unique flavor to your dish.

Any tips or diet hacks to reduce the calories?

I certainly do! As a long term Myfitnesspal moderator and user, there are plenty of things that can be used or replaced to keep the calories low, but the volume high. The first thing I would replace is the rice with either cauliflower rice or lettuce. In my opinion, I prefer making it into a salad rather than using cauliflower rice, since I don't like cauliflower. And as much as I say "fat is flavor", you can swap out the 85/15 ground beef with a leaner ground beef or use chicken and/or turkey. Though I love avocados, I would not be opposed to swapping them out for pickled onions.

Is your bowl gluten free?

Absolutely. All the spices I use to season my shrimp and the ingredients are gluten free. I would make sure your rice is certified gluten free if you have Celiac or a bad sensitivity.

What makes this bowl so delicious?

  • Simplicity: Quick and easy to prepare for a full and satisfying meal.

  • Healthy: Can’t get any healthier, this easy high protein Shrimp bowl is made with healthy fats and lean proteins to give you that well balanced meal.

  • Delicious: super flavorful meal, you will without a doubt love this shrimp bowl recipe. So much better than takeout and great for meal prep.

Can you make this healthy high protein shrimp bowl low carb or ketogenic friendly?

You certainly can and I absolute do when I go on a Modified Ketogenic Diet. During my 60 lb weight loss journey, the first 50 was used with a balanced diet and then I implemented a Ketogenic diet the last 10 lbs. I would swap out the rice for cauliflower rice or shredded lettuce.

So instead of belaboring the point, let's start cooking!

Quick and Easy Shrimp Bowl Ingredients:

24 ounce, raw shrimp

1 cup dry Basmati rice

3 tbsp Mayo

3 tsp Sriracha

1 large Avocado (~225g)

1 tbsp, Pure Avocado Oil

1-2 stalks of Green onions

1 tbsp sesame seeds

1 tsp, Parsley Flakes

1 tsp., Chopped Chives

3 Cloves, Garlic Cloves

½ tsp salt

Cracked pepper (to taste)

Directions: Start off by adding the preferred rice to a rice cooker. When the rice is about ½ way done, marinate the shrimp in a bowl. Add shrimp, olive, parsley, chives and garlic gloves, salt and cracked pepper. Let it sit for about 20-30 minutes. Insert the skewers into the shrimp (4-5 per skewer). Heat the grill to a medium heat (~350°). Cook shrimp on the grill for about 1 ½ minutes a side or until cooked. Add the mayo and sriracha in a small bowl and thoroughly mix. Cut the avocado in half, use a spoon to scoop it out, and then slice into small, long pieces. Once all the ingredients are done, it’s time to plate. Start with the rice, add in the shrimp and avocado. Top with thinly sliced green onions, sesame seeds, and sriracha mayo.

Nutrition (3 servings):

Calories: 601

Protein: 42.2g

Fats: 22.8g

Carbs: 58.7g

Fiber: 6.4g

Net Carb: 52.4g

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