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Hear It From Me

Hello everyone! If you enjoy cooking, barbecuing, baking, or just eating delicious foods, then you have come to the right place. The Lemon Kitchen is dedicated to creating healthy flavor-packed foods that will provide enjoyment and support your family's journey to a better, more fruitful lifestyle. 

Since my fitness journey began in 2010, I have worked to create foods that are filling, more flavorful and fit into a variety of lifestyles. During my journey to lose 60 lbs and become more fit, I have explored a ton of diets and found many ways to add enjoyment to the common comfort foods that everyone enjoys.... especially tacos... and waffles ... and bacon. I mean seriously, could you imagine a life without tacos, waffles or bacon? I know I sure can't.

So whether you are struggling with finding recipes or foods that will fit within your dietary preference, The Lemon Kitchen will have you covered! What I promise within this blog, are not only a variety of healthy delicious foods, but alternatives to my recipes to help those who have to be Low Carb, Ketogenic, Paleo, Gluten Free, or Flexible Dieter. 

And unlike this section, I promise not to give you a blog documenting a novel on how much I love tacos, because I do, but will rather focus on providing simple healthy recipes that any family can follow, and how to modify it to fit a variety of lifestyles.

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